Hillside Cemetery

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Hillside Cemetery is an historical cemetery in Reno, Nevada. It was established in 1875, after first being Reno Cemetery in the 1860s.  It sits on a hill overlooking downtown Reno.  Today the cemetery is lovingly taken care of by a handful of volunteers, however over the years vast amounts of vandalism and damage has occurred, so there is ample work to be done.  

Hillside Cemetery is the oldest established cemetery in Reno, NV and it has suffered severe neglect, vandalism, and threats from developers for decades. This amazing Victorian Garden cemetery has not been properly cared for since Wiltshire Saunders passed away in 1905. A few families maintain their family plots but it is difficult to appreciate their effort when the rest of the grounds are in such disrepair. At this time, Hillside Cemetery Preservation Foundation's  small group of volunteers currently clean the grave sites.  However it will take more involvement from the community, and a number of years to recover from the vandalism and neglect of Hillside Cemetery. Currently, developers have their sites on this historical treasure because of its location, which is close to the University of Nevada Reno. Hillside Cemetery Preservation Foundation is dedicated to preserving and protecting our oldest cemetery through community involvement and education. We must work together to save Hillside for future generations.