Please enjoy some stories about the history and people buried within Hillside Cemetery.  

This page will be updated as the Hillside Cemetery Preservation Foundation receives new information, and we will try to post announcements of any new stories on the Home page.

James Chambers, 1840 - 1882

James was a native of Canada.  He married Annie R. Madden in 1871 in Reno, Nevada.  He was a father of three children including Mary J. Chambers Ayer (1873-1951) and Annie Elizabeth Chambers Catton (1875-1953).  He was a saloon keeper.  According to the Reno Evening Gazett in 1879 he had to rebuild his saloon after a fire hit in March.  In 1880 he was confined to him home with Rheumatism.

James's headstone was missing until June 4, 2016.  It was discovered that the Comstock Cemetery Foundation, CCF (out of Virginia City) had obtained two headstones they believed belonged to Hillside Cemetery.  Someone was cleaning out an old fraternity house and found the headstones in the basement.  At the time they did not know who to contact, so they reached out CCF, who took them in for research.  One the information was verified with HCPF, the headstone was returned to its rightful place.  

Catherine Frick, 1830-1913

Catherine Herena Quinn Frick was a native of Ireland.  She purchased a family plot (The Frick Family Plot) in Hillside Cemetery in 1898 when her husband George passed away.  She was the mother of John J. Quinn.  Catherine was much loved by the people of Reno and Sparks.

Catherine's headstone was found in the same fraternity house as James Chambers.  However, her headstone suffer some vandalism.  HCPF is still unable to locate her husband, George's, headstone.