Hillside Cemetery Preservation Foundation, also known as HCPF, was formed in 2016.  The foundation came together through the efforts of Fran Tryon.  Thanks to her hard work, and the work of a handful of volunteers, HCPF was organized for the restoration, preservation, and protection of Hillside Cemetery.



The Foundations Goals

Hillside Cemetery Preservation Foundation has many goals.  As a preservation foundation, HCPF's efforts are to clean, maintain and restore Hillside Cemetery.  When the cemetery was established a perpetual care fund was never put into place.  Additionally over the years, inattentive owners and large amounts of vandalism have led to the plight of the cemetery.  HCPF is working to reverse the damage caused by the years of neglect.  We hope that this can be accomplished through the efforts of our dedicated volunteers and charitable members.     

HCPF is also working to preserve the cemetery as an important element in Reno's history.  Many important Truckee Meadow and Reno area family members from throughout time are buried in Hillside Cemetery.  Through educational, research and historical outreach projects, HCPF hopes to firmly plant Hillside Cemetery as a place that matters.

Currently the most pressing goal is to stop any development attempts on the cemetery land.  As of 2016 there is a memorandum of option to buy the cemetery land and develop it into apartment housing.  HCPF is trying all options to stop this development, and any future development plans.  We aim to one day purchase the cemetery to be able to truly restore and preserve it.    

Meet the Board Members

Fran Tryon, President & Director

Chaylene Webb, Secretary & Treasurer

Neil Brooks, Member

Jay Carter, Member

Joseph Galata, Member

Barrie Lynn, Member

John Muran, Member

Ramona Richards, Member

Images provided by Members of HCPF