HCPF is always looking for friendly volunteers to assist with the general clean up and maintenance of Hillside Cemetery.  Each Saturday HCPF opens the cemetery from 9:00am to 12:00pm for various cleanup projects.  You can typically find either Fran Tryon or Chaylene Webb at the cemetery during this time.  If for any reason HCPF will not be there on a Saturday, it will be noted on the Events page.  Also, various community cleanup days will occur throughout the year and will be noted on the Events page as well.  

If you would like to join the HCPF team and volunteer to assist in the preservation of this wonderful piece of history, please contact us at hcpfoundation@outlook.com.  At this time we ask that you provide us with your full name, best phone contact, best email contact, as well as why you are interested in volunteering.  This information will be kept within the Hillside Cemetery Preservation Foundation, and will only be used to communicate directly with you and for volunteer/program tracking purposes.

Additionally, there may be opportunities to volunteer on various research projects.  Please see the Research & Records page for HCPF's current projects.  If this is something you would be interested in, please contact us at hcpfoundation@outlook.com to see if we are presently accepting volunteers for research projects, and what the requirements are.  

Please note:  Currently Hillside Cemetery is essentially desert land that is filled with goat-head weeds (very thorny), fox tail weeds, glass and other sharp items, various insects and many other obstacles. Due to the current state of the cemetery we ask that our volunteers dress appropriately.  It is strongly suggested that all volunteers at least wear proper footwear (such as thick soled hiking boots).   

Community Volunteer Programs

Throughout the year HCPF will conduct various community volunteer events.  Please check out our events page (also shown on the home page) for current and upcoming community events.  If you are part of an organization, or know of an organization that would like to set up a community volunteer day at Hillside Cemetery, please contact us at hcpfoundation@outlook.com.  

Adopt A Plot Program

One of the best ways to volunteer with HCPF is to Adopt A Plot at Hillside Cemetery!

What is Adopt A Plot?  The Adopt A Plot program through Hillside Cemetery Preservation Foundation allows volunteers to spend time in this wonderful cemetery, while cleaning and maintaining a specific plot.  Volunteers can either chose to maintain a family or single burial plot.  

What are the requirements?  HCPF is asking that any volunteers who wish to Adopt A Plot agree to do so for a term of one year, which can be extended if desired.  The volunteer will be responsible for the maintenance of said plot, which will include weed and debris removal.  HCPF may provide some maintenance products to Adopt A Plot volunteers, but any chosen additional maintenance costs will be covered by said volunteer.  Volunteers can choose to clean up their plots as often as they wish (we have found that about once a month is acceptable to keep the weeds down).  If HCPF has determined that the plot is not being maintained appropriately, we reserve the right to cancel any Adopt A Plot arrangement.  HCPF   Volunteers can chose to adorn their adopted plot if they wish, however HCPF is not liable for any missing, stolen, or damaged items.  

If you are interested in the Adopt A Plot program and would like to sign up, please contact us at hcpfoundation@outlook.com.

Present adopted plots: